HandUp by The Salvation Army


For this nine week academic project, my partner Cyrus Lau and I designed HandUp, a digital donation platform for The Salvation Army. We aimed to create a more transparent digital donation process, by allowing donors (the general public) to fund specific goods and basic necessities, as requested directly by recipients (low income families and individuals).

The core idea was that people in need who are registered in support programs could use the HandUp platform to request items from the Salvation Army's thrift store inventory. Donors would then be able to use HandUp to pay for those requests.

App in different form factors

My Roles

I helped with researching The Salvation Army, the donation sector, and supporting the app idea with further research. I also helped with designing the overall user flow through the app, creating wireframes and mockups, writing content, creating prototypes, and producing the final showcase video.

Want to find out more?

This project is still in the process of being documented, but feel free to reach out and we can discuss it further!

In the meantime, feel free to check out our final presentation Keynote slides (or view them in PDF form without videos but in a smaller file size).